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Strategic communications consulting services that enable C-Suite executives, physician-scientists, industry experts, professional athletes and celebrity spokespersons, among others, to effectively and persuasively communicate with media, investors, regulators and internal audiences in a rapidly changing business climate.

Whether it's a matter of discussing quarterly earnings during a live television interview, presenting complex scientific data to an audience of peers or introducing a new product at a sales meeting, effective communication in today's competitive environment demands that the issue, product or corporate positioning and messaging is strategic, consistent and executed in a persuasive manner.

As Founder and President of CMG, Colleen M. Growe conducts message mapping and issues management sessions, provides executive coaching and leads communications strategy workshops to prepare for media, financial, regulatory and industry opportunities. Drawing on over twenty-five years experience in politics, issues and crisis management, public affairs and as a multi-award winning television producer/director, Ms. Growe provides custom designed strategic communications counsel that enables participants to map out a compelling story, prepare for difficult questions and deliver a clear message, even when facing challenging audiences.

MTV Entertainment Studios
Comedy Central
Bristol Myers Squibb Company
Sage Therapeutics
Zai Lab
Lending Tree
BDT & MSD Partners
EnLink Midstream
Dollar General

Message Mapping

The competitive business environment today demands that the messaging and positioning around an issue, product or company is strategic, consistent and executed in a persuasive manner. For over twenty years, CMG has provided strategic communications counsel across a range of industries.

Colleen has a unique gift of understanding the power of narrative to help people make sense of complicated situations, influence groups and bring the best out in teams and leaders. From investors to creatives, Colleen has taught me the tools on how to motivate teams and bring powerful business results through the gift of strategic narrative communications. We have been working together for nearly 10 years and, because of her enrichment, I am a better leader, manager and communicator.

Chris McCarthy, co-CEO, Paramount Global
President & CEO, SHOWTIME & MTV Entertainment Studios

Media & Speaker Readiness

CMG facilitates interactive Strategic Communications Workshops to successfully prepare C-Suite executives, physicians, industry experts, professional athletes and celebrity spokespersons, among many others, to interact with media, financial, analyst and internal audiences during interview, presentation and Q&A settings.

Colleen is an incredible advisor in strategic messaging and positioning: she does her homework on the business and the external environment and translates that into highly effective sessions with executives that drive successful outcomes. I’ve appreciated that she can deliver tough questions with a style that is supportive and positive. She has had a huge impact at BMS.

Laura Hortas, Vice President, Corporate and Employee Communication Bristol Myers Squibb

Investor Engagement

Whether preparing for an Investor Day, finessing the messages for a Quarterly Results call or embarking on an investor Road Show, effective engagement with the investor audience requires a persuasive delivery of a credible, differentiated Story Flow Narrative that provides the ‘reasons to believe’ in order to achieve the desired action: invest!

What truly differentiates Colleen is her focus on the broader art of communication. Her ability to become fluent in our science built credibility with our management team, some of whom have a skepticism about their need for training. Time and again, Colleen has improved our spokespersons' effectiveness. Colleen gives each speaker direct, actionable feedback on both the verbal and non-verbal elements of their presentation and strikes the delicate balance of pushing those receiving the training to their limits, but not beyond.

William Baird, III, Chief Financial Officer PTC Therapeutics

Regulatory Communications

A key advantage to collaborating with CMG is our proven ability to execute a comprehensive communications program for any regulatory communication, whether that involves message development, presentation preparation, Q&A management or media interview anticipation and practice.

I consider Colleen to be the best-of-the-best when it comes to helping me and our executive team transform complex industry and financial data points into effective messages and find credible ways to navigate difficult issues. Through her counsel on message development, we have moved from using lengthy scripts at speaking events to concise "Road Maps" that allow us to tell a compelling story.

Barry Davis, CEO Enlink Midstream Partners

Executive Coaching

Whether testifying before a Congressional Committee, reporting earnings on CNBC or responding to questions at an internal Town Hall meeting, senior management provide the "voice" and the "face" of the company.

Colleen has a proven track record of high-level engagement with our senior executives, CEOs and other C-Suite members. We have seen tremendous results coming from her work with us. Built on trust, expertise and a broad network, Colleen brings strategic vision and deep understanding of the playing field, resulting in meaningful global market positioning.

Caroline Wouters, SVP, Chief Brand and Communication Officer Wolters Kluwer

Facilitator Services

Drawing on a background in politics, issues and crisis management, public relations and as a multi-award winning television producer/director, CMG Founder Colleen M. Growe has over twenty years of experience facilitating sessions ranging from Message Mapping to Advisory Board Meetings to simulating crisis scenarios to "pressure test" a Crisis Communications Plan.

Colleen has been a valuable long-term partner to us, starting in the early days of the business to help us shape a solid media strategy and guiding the messages for our IPO and, in the decades since, CMG has helped us refine our messaging, positioning and communications as we launch new products.

Doug Lebda, CEO and Company Founder LendingTree

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