The Art of Effective Leadership Communication

A critical component to successfully lead an organization - particularly through times of transformation - lies in the executive’s ability to persuasively communicate the current Strategy, Vision and Goals to both internal and external audiences. Key to this process is the development of a relevant and compelling story that is customized for external constituents, ranging from financial analysts and investors, customers and the media, as well as internal audiences, including the Board of Directors, employees and candidates/applicants. In addition, "pressure testing" the speaker within the context of the expected encounter is essential to ensure the story can be credibly communicated and that robust responses are formulated to any potentially difficult topics that might arise during Q&A.

To positively impact the internal communications cascade, the Executive must hone his/her ability to engage employees with an authentic, credible demeanor during various internal encounters, whether Town Hall settings or more informal encounters. Employees are always listening to what the Executive says by how s/he says it. To refine effective leadership communications strategies and skills, the Workshop is customized to reflect the objectives and needs of the Executive and may also focus on external audiences.

Ms. Growe’s proven expertise in Leadership Communications Strategies spans multiple industries including pharmaceutical, biotech, financial services, technology, consumer products, entertainment and media. Her process enables Executives to more effectively engage audiences in a range of settings, both externally and internally.