Message Mapping: Story Flow Narrative Workshop

Colleen M. Growe has developed a highly effective Message Mapping process to enable the translation of key messages into an actionable Story Flow Narrative that is credible and compelling to the all constituents and may be customized for a range of communicative settings, both internally and externally.

During a custom designed Message Mapping Workshop, participants are equipped to:

  • Shape a compelling market position for their product, issue or company
  • Customize the messages into a logical and natural Story Flow Narrative that consistently communicates the key competitive advantages using language that is appropriate for both internal and external audiences
  • Build consensus within the team on the importance of committing to a consistent, relevant positioning of the product or issue
  • Anticipate potentially difficult issues that might arise and prepare credible responses

The Workshop may be organized one-on-one or as a Group session and may include simulated scenarios to "pressure test" the messages.