Leadership Training

To enable the Executive to more effectively lead and communicate within various internal and external settings, a systematic approach is implemented that combines a consistent program of sessions that are conducted in-person and via phone. The Executive Coaching program is highly customized based upon 360 Feedback, assessment of the current mindset and identification of goals.

The coaching session may focus on key leadership drivers, such as:

  • Achieving alignment from the team on how to instill and support a collaborative mindset that will inspire a sense of community within the organization, while driving productivity, insight and innovation.
  • Setting a common purpose and goals to efficiently and effectively achieve the Strategy and execute from a position of clarity on responsibilities and roles.
  • Fostering a creative atmosphere that embraces diversity to leverage team member strengths and ensure a thoughtful and collaborative decision-making process.
  • Communicating openly and effectively by utilizing every encounter to communicate the vision, goals and project status in a compelling and engaging manner.
  • Developing an effective preparation process prior to each meeting, presentation and discussion in order to command a room with executive presence, while encouraging other perspectives during the Q&A process.
  • Embracing accountability for implementing existing projects with a standard of excellence and routinely reviewing progress to assess for "course corrections"